Biographical Information
Name Warewolf
Kanji ウェアウルフ
Rōmaji Weaurufu
Status Endangered
Rank Rare C+
Features Transforming to a wolf

Warewolf (ウェアウルフ, Weaurufu) is a rank C+ Illegal Rare that takes the appearance of bipedal wolf.


Currently they are only 28 of there nearly extinct species. With their violent dispositions, they've become the representatives of all dangerous species.

They look like normal humans, but during a full moon, they change into wolves. There are also some that can change at will. During their transformation they look like bipedal wolfs and are covered in fur.

They're always hunted and captured, dead or alive, because they're prized as stuffed mounts, and their nails, fangs and fur fetch high prices.


  • Shape-shifting: Werewolves look just like humans but during a full moon, they transform into powerful, ferocious wolf/human hybrids. However, some werewolves have developed the power to transform into their monster forms when they wish, whether their is a full moon or not.

Known WerewolvesEdit

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