An illegal rare that takes the form of a horse with a long, spiral horn.

Biographical Information
Name Unicorn
Status Unknown
Features Horse-like body and a long, sharp, spiral horn


Unicorns may seem quite and gentle but when they lose their reason, they can become very fierce. Approaching one without a care can be very dangerous.

During the bacterial epidemic, unicorns were hunted for their horns and manes which had the power to heal any disease. They were hunted until only 7% were left. There were many false replicas of unicorn horns which became a social problem, but the public opinion was ignored. Healers earned incredible amounts of money from selling unicorn manes and horns.


  • Shape-shifting: Unicorns can change from a horse-like creature into a human. However, their horns remain, even in human form.
  • Healing: A unicorn's horn has the power to cure any disease. Their manes also possess this power and can be made into a powerful medicine.

Known Black UnicornsEdit

  • Juke