The Mermaid Sisters
Illegal Rare Cover 1
Name The Mermaid Sisters
Kanji 人魚の姉妹
Rōmaji Ningyo no shimai
Chapter Information
Chapter 1
Volume 1
Pages 58
Release Date February 10, 2014
WSJ Issue #11, 2014
Characters Axl, Fukumen, Mirror, Nova
Species Black Vampyr, Mermaid, Human
Previous Next
N/A Start of Work
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The Mermaid Sisters (人魚の姉妹, Ningyo no shimai) is chapter 1 of the Illegal Rare manga.

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Fukumen is introduced as trying to form an Illegal Rare Counter-Protection Unit. Axl gets lost and helps Fukumen and Nova, a mermaid, find her sister. After Axl, a black vampyr, gets a trace of the kidnappers via the trace of blood, they manage to track down Nova's sister and save her. Back at the base, they offer her and her sister a permament place at the agency. As such, the Illegal Rare Counter-Protection Unit is founded.

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