Biographical Information
Name Mermaid
Kanji 人魚
Rōmaji Ningyo
Status Endangered
Rank Rare B
Features Fish-like Tail and Fins
Beautiful Voices

Mermaid (人魚, Ningyo) is a Rank B Illegal Rare that takes the appearance of half-human, half-fish.


A mermaid is a half-human, half-fish species. They have the upper body of a female human with the tail of a fish starting from the waist down. Another notable characteristic is their fin-like ears.

Many legends have circulated about mermaids. One of which is that they user their beautiful voice to lure sailors to their dooms. Another legend is that a mermaid's flesh and blood is able to grant immortality to anyone who consumes it. Due to these legends, mermaids have become one of the most hunted species and number to only fifty worldwide, making them an extremely endangered species. They have been given a rank B rarity and as such has a five billion starting price in the black market.[1]


  • Beautiful Voice: One of the defining characteristics of a mermaid is their beautiful voices that have, according to legend, lured sailors to their doom.[1] Some people desire to hear a mermaid's voice to the point that they are willing to pay a large sum of money to have one as their personal diva.[2]
  • Human Form: When on land, a mermaid's tail is replaced by a pair of legs, giving her the appearance of a human. When in this form, a mermaid loses her ability to use her voice.[1] However, a special liquid allows a mermaid to temporarily regain the use of her voice.[3] A mermaid reverts back to her mermaid form when she comes into contact with water.[4]

Known MermaidsEdit


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