Marble (マーブル, Māburu) is a Crockota child.


Being a mix of lion, hyena and human blood, the Crockota have humanoid appearance with short legs and ears on the top of his head. He was dressed in full pajama/clown looking clothes with dots pattern.


He is a cowedly rare that can be easily scared.


Marble was able to run away from his owner Reina and hid himself in a dark alley, Sinclair St. When his owner Reina, with her husband and bodyguard came looking for him, they were chased away by Gargo and his gang. Marble said that he will never forget what Gargo did for him. The other gang members asked him what is his price and Marble though they want to sell him so he run away scared.


Nothing is known about his abilities, as he was still young and weak.



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