Fukumen (フクメン, Fukumen) works as an investigator for illegal rares cases.


The most prominent feature to his appearance is the tan, stitched burlap-like mask covering his entire head save for hair protruding from the top and what appear to be eyeholes in the front. Besides the mask, his appearance is rather plain, appearing as a tall, broad shouldered man dressed in slacks, a shirt and tie, and jacket.


Fukumen is shown to care about the illegal rares in the city as he proposed a Counter-Protection unit for the purpose of protecting them from hunters and collectors. He is also shown to be sly and manipulative, claiming to belong to nonexistent divisions and manipulate others to carry out jobs for him. Due to his nature, combined with his mask, he has an air of mystery to him. In contrast to this, however, he is willing to do such things all for the purpose of the Counter-Protection unit, showing his dedication to securing the welfare of illegal rares in the city.





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