Black Vampyr
Biographical Information
Name Black Vampyr
Kanji 黒吸血鬼 (ブラック ヴァンパイア)
Rōmaji Burakku Vanpaia
Status Endangered
Rank Rare S
Features Immortality
Affinity with Blood

Black Vampyr (黒吸血鬼 (ブラック ヴァンパイア), Burakku Vanpaia) is a rank S Illegal Rare. It is an extremely rare kind of Vampyr and is one of the rarest species in the world.


Since vampires turn into dust when they die, they are hard to turn into collection's item. 200 years ago, the Vampyr Collectors found the cryptids weak point, they would put the vampyrs into suspended animation and then are to be collected, which is extremely difficult thing to do.


  • Black Vampyr Fangs: A Black Vampyr's fangs grow anew everyday and after pulling out their fangs, they'll continue to grow back. So Black Vampyr's sharpen their own fangs and claws to use as knives or sword to fight. Therefore, a single Black Vampyr's fang will sell for an incredible amount on the market.

Known Black Vampyr'sEdit