Axl (アクセル, Akuseru), stylized as AxL, is the main character of Illegal Rare. He's a Black Vampyr currently working for the Illegal Rare Counter-Protection Unit as an Investigator.


Axl has the appearance of a lean young man with average stature. He possesses short spikey hair which shifts from green to red as it flows further right. Axl also has green eyes, with three small moles under his left eye.

He is usually seen wearing a beige V-neck sweater, which reveals his upper torso, under a relatively baggy black overcoat. Moreover, he is also seen wearing a locket around his neck. To continue the theme of black, Axl wears black pants with black, ankle length boots.


Though seemingly aloof and a loner, he is revealed to mourn the hunting of his species and, as a member of the Illegal Rare Counter-Protection Unit, wishes to find his comrades as well as prevent other species from being hunted. He is shown to have a terrible sense of direction, implying a bit of air-headedness. When he's following orders or tracking blood, however, he is entirely serious and swift in his duties.



Axl is the king of Black Vampyr and the last survivor of his clan, suggesting he has large potential compared to the rest.

  • Blood Tracking: As a Black Vampyr, one of Axl's ability is to track blood. Just by feeling the blood or even tasting it, Axl is able to figure out a wide range of information, such as the location of the people involved.
  • Vampyr Fangs: Axl is able to utilize fangs that grow everyday as weapons. They have been used as projectiles, able to pierce through bullet-proof glass, and as knives, able to slash and rip skin off with single swings.
  • Flight: Axl can fly with or without wings.
  • Strength: He has super-human strength.


  • (To Rare Hunters) "I'm the Black Vampyr King. If you want this body, come and hunt me if you dare! However, there will be a price... I will hunt you too... All of you hunters."[1]
  • (To Mirror) "Mira... I'm going to change it. This blood of despair into hope. We'll change it with the power we hold."[2]


  • The name Axl is of Hebrew origin and translates as 'father is peace'.


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